Charter Fishing

Port Mansfield Bay Fishing Charters

Port Mansfield is recognized as one of the top ten fishing locations in the United States. We boast the best fishing for red drum, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder fishing in the country.

Port Mansfield prides itself on being a quaint little fishing village. No crowds here!! We’re the best kept secret in the fishing industry. Our customers come back frequently because there just isn’t fishing like this anywhere else. Our charter captains are the best in the business and are here waiting on you!

Airboat / Bay Fishing
up to 4 Anglers = $650

Offshore Red Snapper Fishing
up to 6 Anglers = $1500

Duck Hunting 6 ppl Max 2 min
$250 per person

Dove Hunting 6 ppl Max
$150 per person

Dolphin Tours & Jetty Rides
Max 6 ppl = Call for prices

Airboat Tour
2-3 hours – $300

South Padre Island Dinner Cruise
6 ppl Max = $500

Trolling = up to 6 anglers = $2400

Jettie rides inquiry with in

Nilgai ranch hunts $2100 bull $1700 cow

Remote cabin Night thermals $3000 minimum 2 people 2 nights

$1800 basic Night thermal Nilgai bull or cow

Guide fee $500 if no animal killed

Bull pays no matter what

Duck-n-hunts $250 per person 2 minimum

Off Shore Fishing

Offshore fishing in Portmansfield is so much better than the larger cities because we have much less traffic. We have everything from Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kings and Sharks. Amberjack season opens August 1st, Tarpon season starts in April. Shark season is best Marh through May. Let our fishing captains take you for a run you will never forget!